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Workshop on Human Genome and Transcriptome Analysis, July 25 - 28, 2016
Participants's Feedback
Malini Menon
The workshop content was very relevant to my field of work and I got full value of the money invested in it. It was comprehensive and did cover all the major areas in the field of NGS as promised by the objectives of the workshop. The programs were well organized and the members of IOB were very helpful in all matters of discussion. I would highly recommend my colleagues and juniors to attend such workshops from your organization in the future. 
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Vaid
Relevance can’t be 100% and I had interest in microbial genomics, but I got good information. Comprehensiveness is adequate as too much deep going makes it difficult in short courses. Maybe we can have separate workshop for microbial genomics (many people will be interested!). Organization of workshop is perfect, almost perfect, maybe 60:40 (Practical: Theory) would be better. That maybe possible if the written handouts are in booklet form with more information. 
Dr. Prabhakar S Kedar
As it is new to us, we have got new things in the field of Bioinformatics. Workshop content high throughput sequencing, data formats, quality control of NGS data, analysis tools, genome alignment, variant analysis, transcript assembly, R package, NGS analysis and various online series are very useful which is covered in this workshop. Presentations by all speakers and resource personnel were very excellent, informative. 
Dr. Anuj Kumar
Detailed, easily understandable and well organized. 
Dr. Debpriyo Kumar Dey
Contents and presentation were quite rich and have enormous depth. The approach for presentation content of every subject matter was explicit too. I do realize that the vast quantum of knowledge to be delivered in a short period of 4 days was challenging, nevertheless was executed elegantly. The speakers were eloquent. However, personally I felt that in certain topics, the information led to ambiguity and the linkage was difficult. Probably, it could be made more systematic.