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Human X chromosome analysis: IOB has successfully completed analysis of the human X chromosome. This work was published in Nature Genetics and recently covered in a story in Nature. Highlights of this study included discovery of dozens of novel genes using comparative genomics and experimental validation.

Plasma Proteome Database, a first of its kind database that is a comprehensive resource for all human plasma proteins along with their isoforms. This database was featured on the cover of the journal Proteomics.

Two of the databases developed by our Institute, Human Protein Reference Database and Oncomine were covered by the journal Science as databases of special interest. Other news articles have also appeared which cover ongoing projects in IOB.

Human Protein Reference Database - HPRD represents a centralized platform to visually depict and integrate information pertaining to domain architecture, post-translational modifications, interaction networks and disease associations for each protein in the human proteome. This database has been published in Genome Research, and Nucleic Acid Research.

ONCOMINE is a database for accessing cancer microarray studies to identify characteristic cancer signatures. Oncomine was developed jointly by IOB and the Chinnaiyan Lab at the University of Michigan. This database has been published in Neoplasia and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA .

Genomewide Analysis of Phosphatase Gene Family in Humans Analysis of protein tyrosine phosphatases encoded by the human genome was carried out using computational biology and experimental methods. The IOB study identified novel members of the tyrosine phosphatases family and novel transcript variants. Experimentally validation was done using RT-PCR and Northern blot analysis. This study was published in DNA Research and the analysis is available at Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Resource

Proteomic Analysis of human hemodialysis fluid and salivary gland of the mosquito, Anopheles gambiae was carried out collaboratively by scientists at IOB and the Pandey Lab at Johns Hopkins University. These studies were published in Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, BMC Genomics and Proteomics, respectively.

PSI-MI- Protein-Protein interaction data in HPRD is made available in Proteomics Standards Initiative - Molecular interaction (PSI- MI) format which defines community standards for data representation in proteomics and facilitates data comparision, exchange and verification. The article has been published in Nature Biotechnology.