Workshop study guide

Reference Articles:
Web Resources:
  • XCMS Online
  • Online tool for data processing and analysis developed by Scripps Center for Metabolomics

  • IonSource
  • Basics of chromatography and mass spectrometry 
Reference Databases:
  • METLIN database
  • Online repository for metabolite information and tandem mass spectrometry data developed by Scripps Center for Metabolomics

  • HMDB: Human Metabolome Database
  • Online repository of information about small molecule metabolites, developed by the Wishart Research Group, University of Alberta

  • LIPID MAPS: LIPID Metabolites and Pathway Strategy
  • Database of lipid molecular structures, various MS, structure and pathway (funded by a large-scale collaborative research grant, funded by the NIH)
  • MS History
  • A detailed, interesting history of mass spectrometry and how it has evolved as a technique of choice for scientists worldwide