Workshop on Human Transcriptome Analysis

  • Eligibility

    Open to students and researchers from academia and industry.

  • Registration

    Only 25 candidates will be selected on first-come, first-served basis

  • Registration fee

    Students : Rs.8,000
    Others : Rs. 10,000
    Foreign Participants (USD) $600
    A concession of Rs. 2000/- in the registration fee will be provided for:
    1. A participant registering for more than one workshop
    2. Students and faculties from Jammu and Kashmir, and North East India
    3. A group registration of 3 or more students from the same Institute




June 24 - 25, 2014
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Institute of Bioinformatics (IOB) is a premier centre for Genomics, Proteomics and Computational Biology. IOB is carrying out cutting-edge research in genomics and transcriptomics. We have identified candidate genes for several inherited genetic disorders and cancers by integrating NextGen Sequencing (NGS) data from whole genome, exome, transcriptome sequencing and microarray-based methods. IOB has also established a state-of-the-art proteomics facility to discover and validate candidate biomarkers in human diseases ranging from various neurological disorders and infectious diseases to cancers

Workshop focus

This 2-days workshop will focus on introducing high-throughput methods for extensive understanding of biological systems in the context of disease and various cancers. Hands-on sessions and lecture series are designed for participants to acquire essential skills for the analysis and interpretation of diverse expression datasets of human. Participants will be made familiar with methods and tools for microarray analysis using GeneSpring. Transcriptome analysis including alignment, annotation and differential expression analysis with clinical implication and methods for quality control, pre - processing and analysis of data and statistical implication using open - source and R packages.


• Dr. Aditi Chatterjee
• Dr. Harsha Gowda
• Data analysis team from IOB


Resource Personnel

• Prof. Akhilesh Pandey
• Dr. Ravi Sirdeshmukh
• Dr. T. S. Keshava Prasad
• Other scientists from IOB

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