Workshop Objective:

Clinical Proteomics workshop program is Institute of Bioinformatics (IOB) flagship training course. IOB is a premier center for Proteomics and Computational Biology. IOB has established a state-of-the-art proteomics facility that is being utilized to explore and validate candidate biomarkers in a wide array of human diseases ranging from neurological disorders and infections to cancers.

Scientists at IOB will share their expertise in using high-resolution proteomic technologies with young researchers, clinical professionals, residents and advanced medical students through a series of workshops. We have successfully conducted 16 workshops on high resolution mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Several faculties and students from reputed Research Institutes and Universities from India have participated in these workshops.

This 10-days long highly practical course explores the relevance of clinical proteomics in clinical research and summarizes the high resolution mass spectrometry-based proteomics. It covers clinical proteomic technologies and summarizes their application to clinical and biological research. As a part of this intensive training, each participant will get hands-on training for sample prep and mass spectrometry-derived proteomic data analysis. For individuals who will participate in this program in a supportive capacity, the workshop alone is sufficient training. For others desiring to be independent investigators, the workshop serves as introductory material for the more advanced training.

    Registration Details

    • Workshop dates: June 10-20, 2016
    • Registration fee:
    • Students: Rs. 15,000/-
      Academics: Rs. 23,000/-
      Industry: Rs. 30,000/-
      Foreign Participants (USD) $1000
    • A concession of Rs. 2000/- in the registration fee will be provided for:
      1. students and faculties from Jammu and Kashmir, and North East India
      2. a group registration of 3 or more students from the same Institute
    • Send your query to to recieve registration form for workshop 
    Focus of the Workshop

    •   Principles of mass spectrometry
    •   Tissue sample preparation strategies
    •   Plasma and CSF proteomics strategies
    •   Fractionation techniques for proteins
    •   Depletion/enrichment strategies
    •   LC-MS/MS protein data analysis
    •   Operation of LTQ-Orbitrap Velos
   Resource Personnel

    •   Dr. Harsha Gowda  
    •   Dr. T. S. Keshava Prasad  
    •   Dr. Aditi Chatterjee  
    •   Dr. Prashant Kumar  
    •   Dr. Remya Raja